5 reasons you should talk to the teapot

If you’re reading this it’s probably because you’ve seen photos of some lovely people holding the BuddyHub teapot, and are wondering what it’s all about: did someone put something in our tea or have we just gone potty?

In fact we’ve adopted the teapot as an emblem for our start-up journey. As a brand new social enterprise, BuddyHub is on an exciting journey: from week to week we are seeking funds, meeting amazing new people, examining ideas, piloting our own project and – like all good lean startups – testing and pivoting and testing again.

We know we have a lot to learn and we are doing everything we can to find out how our solution can transform loneliness and isolation into happiness and laughter.

So we are taking the teapot with us wherever we go – hence the hashtag #TeapotTravels, inviting people to have fun and share their thoughts about ageing, social isolation and loneliness.

The people we’ve met so far have been inspirational! To reach even more people, we are also running a competition in June 2015 to win a fantastic Angel Afternoon Tea at the ooh-la-la Hilton Hotel in Islington.

Tea time
So if you’re interested in sharing your thoughts on the issues we’ve raised, here are 5 good reasons why we’d love you to ‘talk to the teapot’:

1) It’s a giggle
Tackling loneliness and social isolation is a serious matter, but BuddyHub likes to put happiness and laughter front and centre. Writing messages on a teapot usually brings a smile – which also happens to be one of the best ways to make a new friend.

2) It’s sociable
Unlike traditional one-to-one befriending, BuddyHub is about creating a new social circle of people with similar interests and being part of a ‘Friendship Wheel’. Forget that teabag-for-one, let’s get sociable and fill the whole pot. Biscuit anyone?

3) It’s about reaching out
Have you ever taken a teapot to a business meeting and then asked someone to write a message on it? Let’s say it breaks the ice. It also helps people relax and feel like they’re getting to know each other. Just like BuddyHub.

4) It’s for free speech
There’s nothing like a chat and a cup of tea to come up with new ideas and open them up to a friend. BuddyHub is all about innovation and learning from what’s working and what isn’t. Share your thoughts on the teapot and see how people react. We call it a brainstorm in a teacup.

5) It’s a little reminder
Did we mention you could win that Angel Afternoon Tea? There’s a delicious prize for the winner (and two colleagues) and all you have to do is take part in our thought-provoking poll questions which will be posted on this blog in May and June 2015.

We’d love to know what you think. Please share your thoughts in the comments box – or you could of course write them on a teapot and send us a picture.

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